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(#7 in the "Unclean Things" series...)


(She came to me and I let It go.
She came to me and I felt It go--
All I had ever known,
All I had ever loved,
And any sense of sin…
The will to rise above,
The piercing from within,
The last pure thought…into the Inferno.)

Here comes the bite--
The world divide.
No, I have not felt
Convicted for far too long.
Oh God, please quench the Inferno Within--
We all feel the flame,
A burning shame by name.
The pain, it is the same--
The same as the fire
That I have fed in vain.

I feel the guilt…
My spirits wilt.
It’s the closest thing
To my God I’ve felt in years.
I’m enslaved to the Inferno Within--
We all feed the flame.
The shame remains the same;
Our pain becomes our name.
There are no dead in Heaven;
On Earth, there are no saints.

(It cried to me, but I wouldn’t go.
It cried to me, but I made It go.
I felt it all leave me at once:
The last fading, feeble prayer,
The final fleeting embrace
Of a God who’s everywhere
Except the mirror’s face…
The last clean heart, into the Inferno.)



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