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(#6 in the "Unclean Things" series)


...What the Hell happened today?
I think I am in Hell, today…

And it has no fury like
The cruelty of life
Beneath a loving God’s design.
The veil has now been torn.
The door has now been slammed behind
A vision briskly walking away.
Bad love becomes good porn,
As it all becomes yesterday.

...This fearful view--
Oh God…the fearful view:
In my last reflection,
I see such dejection,
And an ugliness--
An ugliness that consumes,
And wretchedness--
Wretchedness I can’t undo.

...Where the Hell are you going?
Everything is going to Hell…

I’d never have sold this soul so frail,
If I’d known you were buying wholesale,
Or known mine was a sample,
Or known I was competing.
I knew love was a gamble,
But I didn’t know the race was fixed.
Your brand of trick-or-treating:
A mask of mascara scare tactics.

…This evil view--

Oh God…the evil view:
I’ve become all I hate…
Did this open the Gate?
Such fear--
Such fear as I’ve never known…
So near--
So near…Man can never know.

...Just give me one damned reason
Why your reasons leave me damned…

Maybe I had too much invested
In the pride of life that infested
The mind, the heart, and their pale, serpent god
Which has led them all along; and Lo--
Cupid and Charon give affirming nods
That they are one in holy matrimony.
Paradise is lost from my pillow,
As the Inferno opens up beneath me.

…This fearful view--

Oh God…the fearful view:
Oceans of souls screaming…
Oh God--Am I dreaming?
No…this nightmare will never stop.
So…One last plea…before I drop.



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