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(Taken from the "Unclean Things" series...

...Oh, and I should also probably dedicate this new "lust"-based series to my primary can catch me on her site today.)

(The Blackest Gospel, Part I)

I was slow to respond
To that Slough of Despond,
And now the flickering green eyes of sin
Have taken aim, taken me in
(Past the point of no return again).
Both stigma and enigma--
A warm, quivering pond,
A lake of fire deep in a valley of skin.
A wound deep as stigmata-
Natural sin…bottle blonde.

On the liege of audacity,
Moist lesions from voracity--
Venom from the fount that cleanses souls,
When the Serpent’s tongue found the aureole
(As Heaven’s legs rolled back as a scroll)…
It’s purgatory, my dear,
Baptized in the fires of ecstasy.
As God erases our names from the Roll,
Heaven never felt so near.
Love, let’s manifest destiny.

An inferno fit for Dante--
Sweet hellfire in silk panty,
Truth bitter as zinfandel
Converting this infidel…
I long for a soul to sell,
While buying back my youth.
Never so bound, never so free…
Love, you are the blackest gospel.
Beautiful, you are the ugly truth--
The downfall of humanity.



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