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It humbled me as I stumbled past it...
Darkest hours in the size of ages past,
And blackness in the shape of things to come.
I want to believe, but I'll leave it be.
Take this cup of curdled blood from me.
Be still my beating heart...

Stop beating me with love for things that cannot love me back.
Stop leaving tracks for places I'm not led.
Stop making sense when my senses are so dead.
I'm sick of feeling want for things I've never lacked.

It confounds me that I never found it.
I smelled the smoke, but I never heard the blast.
Heading towards where I'm coming from,
You can only be deceived so long...
But who knew two rights could make a wrong?
Be still my bleeding heart...

The man in the middle is not a, not a thief.
Stop dropping hints and riddles like crumbs of moldy bread.
Stop turning back the pages of books I've long since read.
You kept me in suspense, but can't suspend my disbelief.

I should have left it where I found it.
We're slow to see the light, but blinded fast.
Lest unseen hands have me under thumb...
I'm sick of knowing everything I don't.
There's a will, and there's a way, but I just won't.
Be still my bleating heart...

Stop bleating for a shepherd when there's no wool to be shorn.
Stop running me around when I need to run ahead.
Stop telling me to go home when mine is long since dead.
I won't be made to feel guilt for the "sin" of being born.



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