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(#10 in the "Unclean Things" series--THE GRAND FINALE!)

(The Blackest Gospel, Part II)

I’m so sorry, Darling, so sad--
Truth is a weed in the Garden of Delight,
And I’m sorry I ever found my green thumb.
I wish I’d never needed to be
A pioneer of our philosophies.
I feel sickened, Honey-that bad.
Truth was the Tunnel at the end of the Light--
A gift of sight that leaves us deaf and dumb.
In the end, I wish it had left me numb.
Need to Know, the bondage of the free.

I’m so sorry, Baby, I guess…
But doesn’t sin feel better when you know?
We were so happy being ignorant.
But such is life, I fear.
Such are the living, Dear.
I feel worthless, Honey, at best--
The Word of God is still “I told you so.”
It’s the most evil thing that’s Heaven-sent:
A wealth of love (or truth) won’t pay the rent…
But sin is a career.

I’m so sorry, my love, you know:
But I just can’t believe in love anymore.
The day of salvation was really yesterday,
And I’m a day late on everything...
But I lack the faith to believe in nothing.
Sometimes, things just won’t let go.
Thus, everything I hear is an eyesore.
And if you’re looking for an answer, for a way…
All I know to tell you is all I’ve learned today:
Damnation…is knowing a damned thing.



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