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(#8 in the "Unclean Things" series...)


I looked beneath the rug today,
And saw a huge dragon surrounding the world.
I just wasn’t impressed.
You see, life has no meaning anymore.
Not since that day she went away.
That meant something, I guess…
But then, I chose to walk away.
I walked away.

I looked in my closet, and swore
I saw twelve dungeons of horrible torment.
I just couldn’t care less.
There is no meaning in life, I must consent,
Since that woman walked out that door.
That meant something, I guess…
But I’ve chosen to close the door.
I closed the door.

I looked under my bed last night,
And saw the Host of Heaven mourning one third.
I need to get more rest,
Because life is meaningless-Haven’t you heard?
My heart’s delight snuffed out the light.
That meant something, I guess…
But I am turning out the light.
I snuffed the light.

I awoke today to find
A great swarming of wilted spirits…
Uninvited unburied guests.
It means nothing. I will not hear it.
Not since I was left behind.
But perhaps I should lay to rest
All the things I’ve left behind.
Oh God…What have I left behind?



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